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Utilities IT Network Monitoring

The utilities and energy industries often require a high-performing, agile communications infrastructure that has the ability to connect multiple sites and can provide a multitude of automated features including business-critical data monitoring, security and surveillance applications, automatic alarm systems, smart grid mobile meter reading, distribution automation, and asset management automation.

Winncom provides public utilities companies with a powerful network monitoring engine, WinnCloud, capable of monitoring these critical networks. 


Winncom developed WinnCloud to meet the needs of IT administrators responsible for keeping these critical networks up.  With WinnCloud, you have the ability to anticipate network problems before they arise and before they affect your network.  Save money and avoid the costly investment of purchasing a network monitoring solution and server.  Avoid the hassle of configuring, maintaining, securitizing and upgrading this type of solution.  WinnCloud does it all for you with no upfront capital expenditures. 

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