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Hospitality IT Network Monitoring

In order to remain competitive in the hospitality market, hotels and restaurants are increasingly seeing the need to provide patrons with on-demand Wi-Fi and hotspot access for the modern traveler's wide array of wireless devices. Today's on-the-go business professionals typically carry a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, smartphone, and tablet, among others. Families also travel with multiple Wi-Fi devices to surf the web, play online games and stream online content.  They have come to expect to find hotspots in most businesses that they visit, especially in the hospitality industry, as a given.  And will absolutely choose one business over another, depending on its internet access availability and experience.


In addition to keeping customers happy with Wi-Fi access, hotels and restaurants can greatly increase productivity of their own staff with a secure and reliable wireless network. At the point-of-activity, staff can utilize mobile devices to expedite everyday processes such as curb-side check-in for hotel guests, valet parking automation, communication 

between employees no matter where they are, placing food orders on the go, and many more. WinnCloud can monitor your entire network from Wi-Fi access points and IP video camera to routers, servers and switches. 


Gain a bird’s eye view of everything in your network from WinnCloud.  Monitor your IT infrastructure health and performance and be alerted when anything needs attention.  WinnCloud is highly customizable.  You set the thresholds on the alerts and decide who gets notified and who does not.  Ask how you can easily download WinnCloud today.

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